Murder is Everywhere Blog

Crime fiction truly is international. If you only read mysteries set in the U.S., you’re missing so much. Today, I’d like to link to a blog with an international view, Murder is Everywhere.

Murder is Everywhere

Started by the late Leighton Gage, whose gritty Chief Inspector Mario Silva mysteries were set in Brazil, the blog features crime writers who write from, and about, different areas of the world. At times, there are guest authors as well. But, the chief suspects are Annamaria Alfieri (East Africa and South America), Cara Black (France), Jorn Lier Horst (Norway), Sujata Massey (India and Japan), Caro Ramsay (Scotland), Michael Sears (Michael Stanley, Southern Africa), Zoe Sharp (the site says “No fixed abode”, although when I met her, it was England), Jeff Siger (Greece), Susan Spann (Japan), Stanley Trollip (Michael Stanley, Southern Africa).

I’m sure you’ve seen these authors at The Poisoned Pen. Murder is Everywhere gives them an outlet to discuss crime fiction, international news and politics, world events. Check out their blog. Cara Black was just at The Pen. Attend an event here when one of these authors is in town. And, look for their books at the Web Store.