James Sallis and Willnot

Did you miss Patrick Millikin’s recent interview of James Sallis at The Poisoned Pen? Wallis, the author of Willnot,¬†also appeared with his band, Three-Legged Dog. I’m sorry the blog can’t show you the performance. But, you can see the photos of the book program.

Sallis & Millikin 1
Left to right – James Sallis and Patrick Millikin
Sallis and Millikin 2
Millikin questions Sallis
Sallis and Millikin 3 better
A plug for Willnot
Sallis audience
Pretty good for a Friday night audience


We have signed copies of Willnot in stock, if you’d like to purchase one through the Web Store.¬†https://bit.ly/290VGgp