Diana Gabaldon hosts KC Dyer – Recap

Great pictures from The Poisoned Pen’s event in which KC Dyer and Diana Gabaldon talked about Dyer’s tribute to Gabaldon’s Outlander series, Dyer’s own book, Finding Fraser.

Dyer and Gabaldon great
KC Dyer and Diana Gabaldon (check out those tartan tights!)

Dyer smiling at Gabaldon

Dyer Gabaldon and Peters good
KC Dyer, Diana Gabaldon, and The Poisoned Pen’s Barbara Peters
Dyer at Poisoned Pen
Check out the audience!

Dyer audience

Dyer and Gabaldon with book
Dyer and Gabaldon with Finding Fraser
Dyer line
Time for book signing
Dyer and Gabaldon
Signing posters

You might want to get your copy of Finding Fraser, signed by both KC Dyer and Diana Gabaldon, while they’re still available.


Dyer's Finding Fraser

If you want to feel as if you were there for the event, check out the Livestream, and you can see the entire program.