Fashion Friday with The Poisoned Pen

When Laurie R. King appeared at The Poisoned Pen to discuss her new book, The Murder of Mary Russell, we had a fashion show that featured dresses from the Victorian era and the ’20s, the time periods covered in King’s books. We thought it would be fun to share a few of those fashions.

Fashion Friday 2
The Dressing Room
Fashion Friday Barbara and Laurie
Barbara Peters in Victorian garb, with author Laurie R. King
Fashion Friday interview
Barbara Peters and Laurie R. King
Fashion Friday 6
Some of the models
Fashion Friday, The 20s
Modeling the ’20s clothes
Fashion Friday models
All of the models and the author, Laurie R. King

Even some of the audience members came in costume for the program and book signing.

Fashion Friday customers

If we’ve enticed you by the fashions related to the period, you can still pick up a signed copy of Laurie R. King’s The Murder of Mary Russell.

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