The 6th Extinction by James Rollins



Tenth Anniversary of Sigma, Tenth Book in the Sigma Force series: THE SIXTH EXTINCTION


In my biggest book to date in scope and excitement, Commander Gray Pierce and Painter Crowe battle on opposite sides of the planet to save it from a brilliant madman.


The new novel is full of frightening facts about who we are as a species today and where we’re headed. It also delves into historical mysteries going back to a time when Antarctica was once green and full of life.


But most of all, it’s a nonstop thrill ride like no other. I knew I had to make this tenth Sigma book spectacular, touching upon everything that I love about the

Sigma series: historical mysteries, cutting-edge science…and yes, strange and wondrous landscapes full of the monstrous and the beautiful.


In THE SIXTH EXTINCTION, I unveil new hidden worlds found on our planet:  one born out of the ancient past, another that offers a view into our future.


As a newsletter exclusive, here’s one of those species from the ancient past, a deadly little organism that you’ll encounter in the new book (along with many others). This sneak peak into this book’s bestiary is only available here. Feel free to print it up and I’d be happy to sign it at one of my tour stops (see my appearances below).