Thriller Club

One signed First per month.


January:  Hurwitz, Gregg.  Out of the Dark

February:  Goldberg, Lee.  Killer Thriller

March:  Berry, Steve.  The Malta Exchange

April:  Hitchcock, Jane Stanton.  Bluff

May:  Suarez, Daniel.  Delta-V

June: Ricciardi, David. Rogue Strike

July: McKinty, Adrian. The Chain

August: Cavanagh, Steve. Thirteen

September: Sandford, John. Bloody Genius

October: Cornwall, Patricia. Quantum

November: Smith, Martin Cruz. The Siberian Dilemma.


January: Reich, Christopher. The Take

February: Matthews, Jason. The Kremlin’s Candidate

March: Carr, Jack. The Terminal List

April: Ricciardi, David. Warning Light

May: Laukkanen, Owen. Gale Force

June: Horowitz, Anthony. Forever and a Day

July: Rutger, Michael. The Anomaly

August: Hamilton, Steve.  Dead Man Running

September:  Mills, Kyle.  Vince Flynn Red War

October:  Stroby, Wallace.  Some Die Nameless

November:  Baldacci, David.  The Long Road to Mercy


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