Surprise Me! Club

This is great fun, a book with unexpected delights whether in subject or in style. It can be a first novel but more usually is from an established author with something fresh. Usually a US ed. One Signed First per Month.


January:  Hendricks, Greer and Sarah Pekkanen.  An Anonymous Girl

February:  Grant, Andrew.  Invisible.

March:  Berry, Steve.  The Malta Exchange

April:  Hitchcock, Jane Stanton.  Bluff

May: Lee, Patrick.  Dark Site

June: Laukkanen, Owen. Deception Cove

July: Sager, Riley. Lock Every Door

August: Slaughter, Karin. The Last Widow

September: Rozan, S.J. Paper Son

October: Casey, Donis. The Wrong Girl

November: DeMille. Nelson/Alex. The Deserter


January: Olson, Neil. The Black Painting

February: Palumbo, Dennis. Head Wounds

March: Fox, Candice. Crimson Lake

April: Palmer, Michael. The First Family

May: Thomas, August. Liar’s Candle

June: Barron, Laird. Blood Standard

July:  Henry, James. Yellowhammer

August:  Barclay, Linwood.  A Noise Downstairs

September:  Ryan, Hank Phillippi.  Trust Me

October:  Gran, Sara.  The Infinite Blacktop

November:  Crosby, Ellen.  Harvest of Secrets


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