SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Club

For the reader of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Members of this club will receive books published in the US or the UK. One Signed First Per Month.


January: Wilson, F Paul. The God Gene

February: Sweterlitsch, Tom. The Gone World

March: Katsu, Alma. The Hunger

April: Miller, Madeline. Circe

May: Soule, Charles. The Oracle Year

June: Shepherd, Pen. The Book of M

July: Hearne, Kevin/Delilah Dawson. Kill the Farm Boy: The Tales of Pell

August:  Novik, Naomi.  Spinning Silver

September: Grant, Rob.  The Quanderhorn Experimentations

October:  Rossner, Rena.  The Sisters of the Winter Wood

November:  Harris, Charlaine.  An Easy Death  


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