International Crime Book-of-the-Month Club

As the name implies, this club focuses on mystery novels set in foreign locations, investigating how the crime novel is interpreted around the world.


January: Bennett, Michael. Better the Blood

February: Kent, Kathleen. Black Wolf

March: Catton, Eleanor. Birnam Wood

April: Bannalec, Jean. The Body by the Sea

May: Verghese, Abraham. The Covenant of Water

June: Martin Cruz Smith. Independence Square.

July: Brad Thor. Dead Fall.

August: Christine Mangan. The Continental Affair.

September: Eldridge, Tori. The Ninja’s Oath.


November: Anna Pitoniak. The Helsinki Affair


Jan:  Apostol, Gina. Bibliolepsy

Feb.: Foley, Lucy. The Paris Apartment

March: Engberg, Katrine. The Harbor

April: Benjamin, Tom. The Hunting Season

May: McCulloch, Amy. Breathless

June: Perrin,Valerie. Three

July: Reynolds, Ally. The Swell

Aug: Osborne, Lawrence. On Java Road

Sept. Dicker, Joel. The Enigma of Room 622

Oct. Hewson, David. The Medici Murders

November: Khan, Vaseem/Maxim Jakubowski, eds. The Perfect Crime (Harper Collins, $28.99).

December: Christie, William. The Double Agent (St Martins, $27.99).


Jan:  Quartey, Kwei. Sleep Well, My Lady

Feb. Raman, RV. A Will to Kill

March: Sten, Camilla. The Lost Village

April:  O’Rawe, Richard. Northern Heist

May: Klingborg, Brian. Thief of Souls

June: Porter, Anna. Deceptions

July: Schneider. The Basel Killings

Aug. Mo, Johanna. The Night Singer

Sept: McTiernan, Dervla. The Good Turn

Oct.:: Schulman, Alex. The Survivors

Nov.: Angoe, Yasmin. Her Name Is Knight


July: Perrin, Valerie. Fresh Water for Flowers

Aug: Billingham, Mark. Cry Baby

Sept: Noor, Rozlan. 21 Immortals: Inspector Mislan and the Yee Sang Murders

Oct:  Carlyle, Rose. The Girl in the Mirror

Nov.: Seeck, Max. Witch HunterDec.: Aimaq, Jasmine. The Opium Prince