History Paperback Club

A monthly paperback selection includes mass market and trade pbk fiction. We look for first novels or first books in new series or just something a bit different. US or UK titles. Monthly.

Titles below are from the current year. Click here to download a complete list of past club selections.


January: McCallin, Luke. The Divided City

February: Wilson, D K. The Traitor’s Mark

March: Bowen, Rhys. In Farleigh Field

April:  Jego, Yves. The Sun King Conspiracy

May: Vatsal, Rhada. Murder Between the Lines

June: Sullivan, Mark. Beneath a Scarlet Sky

July: Karp, Larry. The Ragtime Traveler

August: Finlay, Mick. Arrowood

September: Weeks, Stephen. The Countess of Prague: Book One

October: Tiraboschi, Roberto. The Apothecary Shop

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