History Paperback Club

A monthly paperback selection includes mass market and trade pbk fiction. We look for first novels or first books in new series or just something a bit different. US or UK titles. One paperback per Month.


January: Ashley, Jennifer. Death Below Stairs

February: Royal, Priscilla. Wild Justice

March: Wilson, Andrew. A Different Kind of Evil

Mangan, Christine. Tangerine

April: Parker, Ann. A Dying Note

May: Alexander, Rebecca. A Baby’s Bones

June: Sweazy, Larry D. See Also Proof

July: Spann, Susan. Trial on Mount Koya

August:  Kearsley, Susanna.  Bellewether

September:  Van der Vlugt.  Midnight Blue

October:  Bradley Harper.  A Knife In The Fog

November:  Maggie Robinson.  Nobody’s Sweetheart Now


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