Hardboiled Crime Club

For the reader who revels in noir crime fiction. Patrick is the staff member who generally picks the books, although, as with all our book clubs, all staff make recommendations. Most Picks are US eds. One signed First per Month.


January:  Love, Melissa Scrivener.  American Heroin

February:  Parks, Alan.  February’s Son

March:  McMahon, John.  The Good Detective

April:  Dow, David R.  Confessions of an Innocent Man

May:  Fleishman, Jeffrey.  My Detective

June: Ellroy, James. This Storm

July: Scott, J Todd. This Side of Night

August: Parker, T Jefferson. The Last Good Guy

September: Sallis, James. Sarah Jane

October: Hirsch, Paddy. Hudson’s Kill

November: Cha, Steph. Your House Will Pay



Janury: Anderson, James. Lullaby Road

February: Lippman, Laura. Sunburn

March: Anderson, Kent. Green Sun

April: Harrington, Kent. Last Ferry Home

May: Panowich, Brian. Like Lions

June: Boyle, William. The Lonely Witness

July: Paddy Hirsch. The Devil’s Half Mile

August:  Gina Wohlsdorf.  Blood Highway

September:  Frear, Caz.  Sweet Little Lies 

October:  Lou Berney.  November Road

November:  Harvey, Michael.  Pulse