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Stay safe. Stay distanced. Stay hopeful.  

“Independent bookstores are the lifeline of the intellect. They have to remain strong, especially in difficult times like these.”—Stephen King

Arizona now has a Stay-in-Place law. As a single-owner small business not open to the public we can continue to operate with these restrictions:

For the most important consideration: your safety and ours

We have staggered staff hours to maintain distancing. We are closed on Sundays to phone orders. There is no guarantee that a staffer is available to talk by phone on Saturdays. Saturdays will be staffed on a week by week basis. 

We have discontinued curbside pickup. As we are doing free shipping please order as usual through our WebStore and via These are open 24/7 although email confirmation is not instant

By phone on weekdays 10:30-6:00 PM 888-560-9919 or 480-947-2974.

Please realize that there is no guarantee someone can answer the phone. We will however return messages as fast we can
Finally, please be patient with delays in shipping. Books are slow to arrive into the store and outgoing shipping can run into delays.

New – Book Chats!

Barbara and Patrick Discuss some current favorites as well as a few upcoming picks!

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