Hardboiled Crime Club

For the reader who revels in noir crime fiction. Patrick is the staff member who generally picks the books, although, as with all our book clubs, all staff make recommendations. Most Picks are US eds. Monthly.

Titles below are from the current year. Click here to download a complete list of past club selections.


January: Sternbergh, Adam. Shovel Ready

February: Gailey, Samuel. Deep Winter

March: Black, Benjamin. The Black Eyed Blonde

April: Teran, Boston. The Country I Lived In

May: Hawken, Sam. Tequila Sunset

June: Flynn, Rory. The Third Rail 

July: Bouman, Tom. Dry Bones in the Valley 

August: Lin, Ed. Ghost Month

September: Whitmer, Benjamin. Cry Father

Oct.: Hoffman, Philip. The White Van

Nov.: Waite, Urban. Sometimes the Wolf

Dec.: Rotella, Sebastian. The Convert’s Song

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